A Note to our Readers

In light of the new McBride opinion we have done what we have had to do with increasing frequency, it seems, in the last several months: amend an earlier blog because the Court of Appeals has issued a new version of its opinion. In McBride this happened on motion for reconsideration, so the opinion specifically says “Amended” (though why in this case the court bothered with an amended opinion rather than to issue a separate memorandum isn’t clear.) In other cases, though, the court slips out a new version a few days or weeks after the original; neither the new version nor the court file mention or explain the substitution.

When this happens we add a “Later Note” to the top of the existing case blog. So if you think we haven’t blogged a “new” opinion you might use the search box at the right, or browse through the Reviews by Court, to see if it really is.

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