A Note to our Readers

DeSela v. Prescott Unified, though it hardly deserves the honor, is our 100th case blog.

Strangely, not everyone has come around to the AzAppBlog way of thinking. Too many opinions are still too long, too confusing, too cookie-cutter, too footnoted, too wrong. And, from what we’ve seen, too many briefs are still ditto. Looks like we’ll have to blog at least 100 more. In the meantime, our comfort lies in knowing that some of you are paying attention – or at least coming here for fun – and that, as for the rest, “few sometimes may know, when thousands err.”

A reminder, now that we have a lot available: the search bar at the right will search the full text of all our blogs; blogs can also be pulled up using the “Reviews by Court” links.

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