(A note to our readers)

For its first birthday Arizona Appellate Blog gets a new look. The new one is cleaner and better-organized than the old and easier to read on a computer screen (at the cost of being slightly less so if you print it out). The search function and RSS buttons are more sophisticated. The new theme also helps with some technical issues.

On the down side, the “leave a comment” link is more prominent even though comments are turned off; we can’t do much about that. And we can no longer put a picture at the top of the page. We’re sorry to lose that but our photograph was obsolete anyway due to the recent change on the Court and we’ve concluded that most of you don’t come here just to look at the picture.

Our readership has grown over the course of the year, not hugely but nicely. The RSS feed is now getting a fair amount of use, judging by the blip in our numbers after a post. As always, if you like the place then you might mention it to your colleagues; we’re not going to sell advertising or anything like that but we do like to know that somebody’s listening. Thank you all.

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